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Amy Loebl 

Independent Education Consultant


1010 Overlook Road
Berkeley, CA 94708


Phone: 510 548-9308

Mobile 510-364-0027




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you consider the cost of college as you create a student's list?

Yes,  Amy will include current information on the cost of college. Financial information and the Cost of Attendance is an important component of coming up with a good list.


Do you assess the student's high school curriculum?

Absolutely. It is recommended that students begin to work with Amy during their freshman or sophomore year in high school in order to review course cirriculum and extracurricular activities.


Do you manage the student's application process?

Definitely.  Amy creates a timeline with the student to manage the many deadlines and tasks to complete the multiple college applicaitons, essays and test schedules.


Do you work with students on their personal statements and other college essays?

Essay writing is one of the most difficult parts of the application process for many students. Many times during the assessments with the students a topic emerges. Otherwise, brainstorm sessions help the student to find a topic. I start the process early and have the students write drafts that we review for edits and to clarify the thesis. The students does all of the writing and they are generally very pleased with the results.  

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